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How to Repair a Carpet With Carpet Patching

When you suddenly notice that your carpet has small holes or burned area that need repairing, you must be alert and hire professionals for carpet repairing. Well, you can do it yourself by using small tools or accessories which could be easily found in the home or market. Usually, patching is supposed to be an imperfect process for naive but not at overall. You can easily repair your carpet with small carpet patching tips which are given below. It is a simple system for repairing your carpet.

Carpet Patching Service
Carpet Patching Service

Required Items for Repairing Carpet

  • Knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Duct tape
  • Adhesive or fabric glue
  • Adhesive disk
  • Heavy book or item to put on the carpet surface for affixing the patching exactly.

Six Easy Methods to Repair your Carpet

  1. Measure The Damaged Section of your Carpet:

    First, take a proper measurement of the damaged section of your carpet. For measuring use a measuring tape that will help to recognise the size of the damaged area of your carpet. It will make easier for you to cut the fibre for carpet patching.

  2. Use Duct Tape:

    You can easily use duct tape to make the square section around the damaged section of your carpeting. Then, mark the position of the square section by using the measuring tape. Take the measurement of the inside edges of your damaged carpet area and note down your all measurement on any book. This will help you to remember while repairing your carpet.

  3. Cut Out The Ripped or Damaged Area of the Carpet:

    Utilize a sharp knife to cut off the damaged section which is covered previously by duct tape. Carpet cutting tool will also work, you can use it for trimming. Just you have to cut through both the surface of the damaged carpet area and the backing of it. After trimming, lift it from the carpet surface and remove it from padding. You can also contact us online to get professional carpet repair services in your Melbourne.

  4. Find The Inconspicuous Area for Patching:

    You have to find an inconspicuous area so that you can prepare a carpet patch for repairing the carpet (Inconspicuous area such as an inside closet or the carpet’s hidden area, under the chattels). Then, cut off the carpet piece according to your measurement for filling the carpet hole. Be sure that your measurements should be perfect so that you can fill the carpet’s hole like a pro.

  5. Set your Carpet to Receive the Patch:

    Clean the surroundings of the square area which you created earlier. Use a small amount of water to place the duct tape. Then, lift the surrounding edges of carpet’s hole and put the adhesive disk carefully under the carpet’s hole. The adhesive disk will make your carpet set. You can also hire our professionals for carpet repair services

  6. Place Pinto the Damaged Area;

    Now, fill the carpet’s section by using the small patch that you cut previously from an inconspicuous area of your carpet. Then, use adhesive glue or fabric glue to spread a thin layer around the edges of the carpet’s section. Place that small piece into the hole and make sure that patch is equal to the carpet’s hole and should be viscous perfectly. After that, push down the outer edge of your carpet to fix into the hole perfectly. Then, put a heavy book or item for affixing the patching exactly and leave it for a while.

Best Carpet Patching Service
Best Carpet Patching Service

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