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Carpet is known as the pride of the homeowners. So it is important to repair it as soon as possible. Carpet holes can destroy the hole of carpet and can damage the whole carpet. These holes look ugly and weird. Carpet holes compromise the overall life of the carpet and look. Don’t try to repair the carpet hole on your own. It needs proper knowledge, and experience. Our professionals have the knowledge and use modern equipment to repair the carpet hole perfectly. Our carpet hole repair Perth services are available in offices and homes. We use an effective method for carpet hole repairing.

Our carpet hole repair methods are:

  1. Outline the damaged section: We make a mark around the damaged section using capped pen or awl. Marking is important to repair the exact section.
  2. Cut the damaged section: Our technicians remove the damaged section of the hole by cutting it. Removing the damaged part is important to avoid further damages.
  3. Take a replacement: Cut out the carpet matching patch to attach it on the carpet properly. Using a matching patch helps to hide the holed part.
  4. Insert the patch: We use the patch to insert it on the holed area. We use glue, modern tools and other solutions to insert the patching pad on the carpet. After Replacement of damaged areas, we leave that area for some time.

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    Expert Carpet Hole Repair
    Expert Carpet Hole Repair

    There are many reasons for holes in carpet which includes:

    • Regular use
    • High-traffic
    • Chronic wear and tear
    • Cigarette burns
    • Pet damage

    Why Choose Us For Carpet Hole Repair Perth?

    Carpet Repair Restretching is well-known and experienced in delivering carpet hole repair Perth services. Our technicians can deliver carpet hole repair services in both commercial and residential areas.
    • Years of experience in carpet hole repair Perth
    • 24*7 services
    • Qualified and licensed technicians
    • Modern tools and equipment
    • Quality and affordable carpet hole repair services
    • Weekend carpet repair services
    We can deliver same day carpet repair services at your convenient time. Our services are excellent and cost-effective.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of carpet hole repair?

    Cost of carpet hole repair depends on the damaged area of the carpet. Our technicians will tell your exact cost of hole repairing servicing after inspecting the damaged carpet. Contact us to know more about our services and cost.

    Can you patch a hole in the carpet?

    Yes, we can. Our technicians are expert in providing patching services to repair the damaged carpet. The patch helps to repair carpet hole damage.  But it is hard to patch the large areas of the hole.

    Do you deliver same day services for carpet hole repair Perth?

    Yes, we do. We offer same day carpet hole repair services with high-end results. Our same day services are avail for both home and office at an affordable cost.

    Location: Perth, WA, Australia