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Common Carpet Damages That Are Reversible

The magic carpet of Aladdin, always so shiny, magnificent and clean. Indeed it is magical because our carpets require a lot of maintenance. It seems like our carpet acts like a magnet which is bound to attract dust particles and nasty stains towards it. And certain damages seem irreversible, so we either hide the damaged spot or go for a new one. 

Carpet Damage Repair
Carpet Damage Repair

Here are Some of The Common Carpet Damages With Their Solutions.

  1. Carpet Stretching –

    After a certain period of time, the force which is being applied on the carpet due to stretching results in an unsteady carpet which eventually loses its shape. And due to this unwanted guests, the ripples, appear. This can also happen because of dragging heavy furniture across the house. The solution to this is regular reinstallation.

  2. Damage by Pets –

    No matter how much we train our pets, there are moments when our sweethearts get messy around the house and solely contribute in damaging the carpet. And often try to practice their motor skills on the carpet leaving behind their not so appealing odours. And the removal of this odour requires very often cleaning of the carpet.

  3. Nasty Stains –

    Carpet is that one thing in the house which is most affected by every kind of spill. May it be juices, medicines, pet urine or even cleansing agents, each one of them has the potential of leaving a nasty stain behind. These spills often seep through the carpet to the underpaid also. When we clean the stain only the upper layer gets cleaned and the carpet reabsorbs the stain while drying. Proper cleaning of the stain requires professional cleaning. 

  4. Burn Marks –

    This issue is faced the most by regular smokers and even those who forget where their ashtray was actually kept. Even the habit of throwing cigarette butts can cause this. Burn Marks are really difficult to repair and often requires the help of Professionals Carpet Repair in Adelaide.

  5. Carpet Shedding –

    This is quite a problem. Carpets made of certain materials are prone to shedding due to the type of fibres, the material is made up of. To prevent this from happening, proper and regular vacuuming is required. And even the strength of the vacuum may cause this. If the material is not shedding prone and still this issue is occurring then you got to clean your carpet more often than you generally do.

  6. Filtration Soiling –

    Naturally the air in the house gets filtered through the carpet and leaves behind dust particles and pollutants which get stuck on the carpet surface. This accumulation of dust particles leads to darkening of the carpet, especially at the edges of the room. This issue may also occur due to improper installation of the carpet. To prevent this from happening, proper and regular cleaning is required. Already stuck particles may require aggressive cleaning.

  7. Colour Fading –

    Carpets made of certain materials lose their colour when come in contact with direct sunlight. This can also happen if the dye used is sensitive to some types of chemicals. Usually, colour fading isn’t visible and unveils itself when the carpet is cleaned. The only solution to this is to get your carpet re-dyed from a professional. 

  8. Matting –

    This is caused by heavy foot traffic which results in the untwisting of the fibres and tangling of these with other fibres. Matting can occur in almost all kinds of carpets. Cleaning and some home remedies can help you conquer this issue.

Carpet Repair Service
Carpet Repair Service

Hire Professionals to get your damaged carpet repaired

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