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Carpet Patching Coombs

Are you having burned, damaged, or torn carpet conditions? It is considerably more cost-effective to repair small areas of carpet than replacing the entire area of the carpet. So why don’t you approach Carpet Patching Coombs in Australia for solving your carpet problems and making it look new again? The most common carpet service which we provide is carpet patching. Know more about our carpet patching service. Call us for a free quote for domestic as well as commercial carpet repair and restretching Coombs services!

What Do You Mean by Carpet Patching Service?

Carpet patching is done to mend small sections of carpet that are damaged, stained, or burned. The damaged part of the carpet is cut and removed to fix a good piece of matching carpet into its place. A small piece is normally taken from a similar hidden location or a closet if the leftover matching carpet is not available.

Hence, if you have loose carpet, pet damage, iron burns, or fraying carpet seams, you can ring us in Coombs anytime you need.

Carpet Patching Service
Carpet Patching Service

What Can You Expect from Our Carpet Patching Service?

As carpet patching is the ideal way to repair the carpet, we focus on this service to render. The scratches and friction weaken the fabric when the carpet is in high traffic area and the carpet begins to get damage. Certain spills like chemical spills, red wine spills, or ink spills leave the stains permanently which cannot be removed at all. At that time, Carpet Patching Coombs becomes a great option without the involvement of huge expenses. Our patching task includes cropping the worn part of the carpet and doing a replacement of a patch. Our expert carpet professionals have the power to mend this condition and make the patch totally unnoticeable.

Why You Should Prefer Carpet Patching Coombs?

Carpet Repairs Restretching provide you with complete carpet repair solutions in Australia. We tailor standard services at cost-effective rates to all needful clients. We have built a strong reputation in Australia for delivering all kinds of quality carpet patching services on time at affordable costs.

Our services consist of carpet restoration, commercial & residential carpet repairs, water damage restoration, carpet patching,  and so on. We also offer emergency callout services for urgent cases. Commonly, we are called upon for repairs to faulty carpet joints, stair carpet repairs, and inserting patches to replace damaged or worn sections of carpet. Common issues also involve tears and rips, red wine, iron burns, pet stains, and cigarette burns.

Faq on Carpet Patching Coombs

What is the most common method to repair a stain or burn on my carpet?

We render a service of carpet patching to remove stains or burns that are visible and permanent in your carpet. But you should have a leftover piece of carpet available in your house. The material is usually taken from under the piece of furniture.

How much time will be taken to patch my carpet?

The carpet patchwork can be completed as quickly as possible but it will exceed one hour.

What if I do not have a leftover piece of carpet for carpet patching?

Even if you do not have a leftover piece of carpet, we can find the right solution for you. If you do not have a spare piece of carpet, we can adjust taking a piece from your closet or inside your wardrobe. It is also possible to take a piece from underneath the furniture.

What is the cost of carpet patching?

The cost of carpet patching just depends on the size of the patch, the work that needs to be done, and so on. We are able to offer you a quick estimate if you fill out an easy online form or call us

Would it long last?

When your carpet is patched, it would be just another part of the rest of your carpet. Hence, it will depend on the quality of the carpet as a whole.

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