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Carpet Patching Banyule

Whenever guests come to your house, the very first thing they notice is a neat and clean carpet. Attractive carpets add extra glamour and class to the room which is why they stand out. Carpet Burns, can make it look untidy, and ugly. Carpet Burns, can happen due to many reasons and can make you spend thousands on replacing the carpet. Sometimes, even the best of the best professionals with advanced equipment cannot help to get the stains out of your lovely carpets. Carpet patching Banyule needs to be hired especially when stains cannot be removed from the carpet and it becomes irreparable.

What All Can Make You Look for an Ideal Carpet Patching Service?

The list of damage, which may force you to acquire Carpet Patching is exhaustive, however to list a few can include;

  1. Dropping Hot Iron
  2. Cigarette or Cigar burn
  3. Dropping of Hot Hair Straighteners
  4. Heavy Footfall area (Shops, offices etc.)
  5. Carpet wear and tear due to pets 
  6. Chemical Spills

Carpet Patching Banyule is done, according to the sort of damage. Small patches are placed in a different manner, while others patches are put in place thoroughly taking time.

Carpet Patching Service
Carpet Patching Service

How We Treat Different Situations?

In order to treat smaller areas, we cut the damaged area with the help of a scissor, firm the surface to lay out a fair base. Once done, we cut down the carpet surface from the bottom edge, and fix it with the help of glue.

When it comes to treat a larger area, then a different approach is considered, which can be bifurcated in 5 steps;

  1. Cut the damaged surface area through an Art Knife
  2. Put the cut surface on the area targeted to create a patch. Position it firmly, and create a cut out so that it can be patched.
  3. Clean the area set to be replaced in order to firm the surface for a thorough patch installation.
  4. Apply Adhesive and fix the cut-out firmly.
  5. Comb the seam and Carpet patching Banyule is done with the work.

There are people who believe they can do all the things themselves, however, in other cases you can call us for a quick burn patch.

Why to Choose Us?

We have a team of certified and experienced carpet patching technicians who ensure that your carpet will be brought back to its pristine and original condition. What our expert carpet patch technicians do is that they will remove the stained part of the carpet and patch it with a piece of scrap carpet very thoroughly. The new piece of carpet will be taken from underneath the staircase area or the wardrobe. You can rest assured, as our professionals will definitely make the weaves, textures, and patterns matched properly.


The carpet patching task is not as easy as you think. It is a job that needs professional training and specialized knowledge which gives access to the latest and exclusive equipment. Every carpet repair company does not have well-trained workers who have been working in the carpet patching field for many years.

The professional carpet repair staff of Carpet Repairs Restretching is highly skilled and trained in the science and art of carpet patching. Our staff has been rendering professional carpet patching services to commercial clients and residential clients in and around Banyule for many years. All of our older clients are satisfied with the excellent services rendered by the professionals.

Our professional carpet patching experts are quite passionate, friendly folks, skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable, and hard-working. They are very fond of doing their jobs of helping people to preserve their carpets at its best.

Other Services, Which Can Be Acquired from Carpet Patching Banyule;

  1. Carpet Torn Repair
  2. Carpet Hole repair

You can ring us in any of the above situations as the carpet patching task should not be delayed. Our professional technicians will be ever ready to help you out with the carpet patching work. Hence, you can take assistance from them whenever you are in need. You can give us a call on our required contact number to book an appointment. Our expert team will present at your doorstep to assist you to get your carpet back to its real condition. We are very glad to schedule an appointment at your convenience. We assure that we will provide our assistance and support in the best possible ways. We will be at your service in your one call.

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FAQs on Carpet Patching Banyule

Do you have professional technicians for carpet patching?

Yes, our technicians are experienced and trained to do carpet patching. They can perfectly patch the carpet. Reach us to know more about our carpet patching services.

How much do you cost for carpet patching?

Our carpet patching service is cost-effective. Our carpet patching cost depends on the carpet size and damage. Firstly, Our technicians will visit your place then they will inspect the carpet and then we can tell the accurate cost of carpet patching.

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